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Ceremony Speakers

Not always seen, but definitely always heard...

        With the rise in popularity of natural wedding locations there is an increased demand for portable sound to make sure the ceremony can be heard clearly and understood completely. Our portable speaker options allow you the versatility of setting your dream location. Wireless and Self Powered Options available. Can be used for Wedding music as well.

Public Address System

with 2 x Wireless Handheld Mics


Speaker Upgrades

Clear High Quality Audio in all frequencies...

Adding speakers help to fill sound in large rooms and outside venues so no speaker has to work too hard, pushing harder than it should to give you the audio presence you want at your event venue. Adding a subwoofer to the sound system increases the presence of the low bass tones we love while adding clarity and foundation to for other frequencies to stand out from. The subwoofer helps to create a clear full frequency sound which energizes the soul and makes people want to dance!  Enjoy a 2.1 Premium System Upgrade which includes 15” Speakers and a 12” Subwoofer or upgrade to a pair of 15” Woofers with Speaker poles and 15” Speakers. 

Let's talk about your event needs and how to design the perfect sound for your venue.

2.1 Premium Subwoofer Upgrade

$75 each 15" Subwoofer Unit

$150 for 15" Subwoofer Pair


Dance Floor Lighting FX

Get the dance floor moving with some great show FX for your event.


Intelligent Moving Head Lights

Scanning Spotlights that get everyone's attention.

       These lights scan the walls and the ceiling with Gobo Light Patterns and beams of light. This package includes 4 x 360 Degree Moving Head LED Lights which can be programed to customizable shows or Sound Active to move along with the music. 

Mini Heads

$50 per pair / $75 for Set of 4

Large Heads w/ Truss Totem & Lighting Scrim

$95 per pair / $150 for Set of 4

Wall Projected Moonflower FX

A classic effect with a modern upgrade...

         These Lights paint the whole room with dancing moonflower beams and projections setting the mood for the dance floor. Using LED Technology, these lights have become brighter and more precise. Because of the beam angle and spread you can get good coverage on the dance floor with a pair of these versatile lights.

MoonFlower FX Dancefloor Projection

$50 per pair / $75 for 4

*4 Mini Heads and 2 Moonflower FX Package Upgrade

$120 w/lighting stands

**Free on Events 6+ hrs**

Ambient Lighting (02) - Purple.JPG

LED Uplighting

Colorful Beams of Light to make the event shine...

        Add accents and color to your event with professional LED Uplighting. Use it to accent a table, shine focus to an area or to project stunning columns of light. 8 Uplights for the Standard kit or double up the lighting options with 16 professional LED Uplighting units. Recommended Upgrade for Larger Venue’s, Banquet Halls and Conference Centers. Can also be used for adding lighting accents to multiple areas at your event or venue.

8 x LED Uplighting


16 x LED Uplighting


DJ Booth Facade

Complete with LED Lighting FX...

        Make the DJ Booth part of the Decor with and LED Lit Transparent DJ Facade. Because of RGB LED Technology the booth can be set to any one of 16 color options. In combination with Lighting/ Speaker scrims you can create an elegant yet spectacular look for your event. Great for hiding cables and other necessary DJ and Lighting Equipment from view of guests and Photo/Video Cameras to keep a clean look throughout your event.   



DJ FACADE w/ Equipment Stand Scrims


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